Leg Health Tips For Runners

stretching togetherIf you are a runner, there are a few things you can do to improve your leg health.

  • Keep track of the mileage on your shoes. Most experts advocate replacing your running shoes every 350–450 miles because they begin to break down with more use.
  • Take a warm bath or soak in a hot tub after running. This will help warm your muscles and relax them.
  • Hydrate well before running to avoid cramps.
  • Replenish fluids after running by drinking lots of water.
  • Consider wearing compression socks or sleeves after running. Athletic recovery socks and sleeves are available and are designed to improve and speed up recovery after physical activity by helping to flush out lactic acid, relieving tired legs and reducing muscle soreness.

Anyone who wants to maximize endurance by improving blood circulation and increasing oxygen delivery to the legs can benefit from compression socks or sleeves. These garments apply external pressure to the leg to reduce venous pressure within the limb. The pressure is greatest at the ankle and lessens as it moves up the leg. The stockings and sleeves work with the pumping action of your calf muscle as you run. Used for years to prevent the formation of blood clots among inactive or bedridden patients, they are also commonly worn by those in jobs that require a lot of standing.

Some runners wear compression gear while training and running, while others wear them only after a run. There are no definitive studies that show an advantage to wearing them during a run, but many runners swear by them, especially ultra runners. Soccer players, basketball players, and other sports enthusiasts are seen wearing them during competition as well.

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