Men and Varicose Veins

It’s no secret that men are generally less vain than women. Consequently, when men have varicose veins, they usually don’t seek help because of the appearance of their legs. Unfortunately, men tend to seek treatment when their vein disease is more advanced and they are experiencing significant pain.

Because heredity plays a large role in varicose veins, a high percentage of men experience varicose veins at some point in their lives. If his mother or grandmother had varicose veins, he is more likely to have them. His occupation is a significant factor as well. If his job requires him to stand for long periods or if he travels and spends long periods on a plane or in a car, he is at greater risk.

If he begins to avoid favorite activities because of leg pain, such as playing outside with the kids or grandkids or gardening, it could be a sign of varicose veins. Varicose veins affect men of all ages but the risk increases with age. Men have the same symptoms as women: pain, leg heaviness, tiredness, muscle cramps and swelling. Restless legs can also be a sign of varicose veins.Men_varicose_veins

Like any chronic medical condition, varicose veins will get worse without treatment. It is important to treat them in order to maintain an active lifestyle. Conservative measures such as medical grade compression stockings or changes in work habits can improve the symptoms but will not address the underlying cause.

Ultrasound guided endovenous laser ablation, or EVLA, is the cutting-edge treatment of choice for varicose veins. The procedure involves inserting a small laser fiber into the diseased vein. Laser heat causes the vein to collapse and seal shut. Once that vein is closed, the blood is diverted to healthy veins. This in-office procedure is performed using a local anesthetic. Following the procedure, a bandage or compression stocking is placed on the treated leg. Patients are able to return to work quickly, usually that day or the next day.

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