Meet The Staff

Staff-PhotoThe VEIN Specialists has a medical staff that understands the dangers of venous disease and the treatments needed. We have made it a priority to train all staff in vein disease so our patients can feel comfortable asking our staff a question.

Although many people have heard about spider and varicose veins, few understand what causes them, what the symptoms are, or how serious they can be. The VEIN Specialists’ staff realizes the importance of educating our patients and the community about venous disease, symptoms and treatment.
The physicians at The VEIN Specialists want to promote education and the importance of vein health in the community. This is accomplished through informational sessions at luncheons, retirement homes and health fairs, just to name a few.

Drs. Bohn, Castillo and Nielsen are working directly with the Heartland Community College Nursing School and the Illinois State University Pre-Professional Mentorship Program to develop the next generation of healthcare providers.