Sclerotherapy can get your Legs Summer Ready!

Sclerotherapy gets legs summer ready!Summer fashions will soon be on the racks in the stores and that turns our attention to our legs and spider veins. Spider veins are dilated blood vessels that form just under the skin and result in red, blue or purple clusters of veins visible on the skin’s surface. Besides the appearance of the veins, other symptoms may include skin redness; a firm, tender and warm vein; and for some patients, pain and swelling. Spider veins can be caused by pregnancy, heredity, weight gain and standing or sitting for long periods of time. These are the same things that cause varicose veins.

Once we get into our summer clothes and begin wearing shorts, capris or swim suits, we become more aware of our spider veins. Many of us are not comfortable with the cosmetic appearance of our spider veins and will continue to wear long pants in the summer.

Some of your visible veins may be larger size reticular or even varicose veins. You should have an ultrasound prior to treatment to determine exactly what venous problems exist so that your doctor can develop an appropriate treatment plan. If you have spider veins, in most cases, sclerotherapy is the best treatment to eliminate the veins. Sclerotherapy is a simple treatment that involves using a tiny needle to inject medicine into the veins, which causes them to collapse and disappear.

The number of treatments needed will vary depending upon the patient and the severity of the spider veins. Most of the veins will disappear during the first treatment and will continue to improve over time but additional treatments may be needed. The good news is that most patients are able to return to their normal activities immediately.

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